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March 20, 2021

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Current and former Ohioans combine to win USATN

John Randolph (Cincinnati) and Scott Ramer (Columbus) paired up with former Ohioans Brian Lilly (now in Wisconsin) and Scot Henderson (now in Illinois) to form the J'adoobie Brothers. Glen Gratz from Illinois rounded out the team. They took clear first in the US Amateur Team North with 4.5/5. Keep an eye on uschess.org for a full article soon.

Jason Wang shares first at Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions

Jason Wang shared first at the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions with Robert Shlyakhtenko. Both players had 5/6, though Robert Shlyakhtenko had better tiebreaks and earned a $5000 scholarship.


Welcome to the Ohio Chess Association Youtube Channel



Enjoy these first 2 videos where NM Tom Britt goes over 2 of John Stopa's games. As many of you know John passed away July 7th, 2017. The first game Tom goes over is a game from the World Open in which John had the black pieces against IM Emory Tate. The second game is a game where John once again had the black pieces but this time against the well known chess author Eric Schiller. 2 fabulous games with wonderful insight from a National Master!

Look for more of these exciting videos in the near future from some of Ohio's top players

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Ohio Game Spotlight

Round 6 - 2018 Ohio Chess Congress


Mikka Brattain (2508) - Madhavan Narkeeran(2164)



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The purpose of our association is to foster the study and pursuit of the game of chess by conducting tournaments for players, sponsoring teams to represent the state of Ohio in interstate and international play, promote chess organizations in the state of Ohio, and the overall general promotion of chess.