Mika Brattain is the 2016 Ohio Champion

The Ohio State University Freshman Mika Brattain tied for 1st place with GM Alexander Shabalov in the 2016 Ohio Chess Congress.GM Shabalov did not qualify for the Ohio Champion title as he does not reside in Ohio. Mika eclipsed the 2500 USCF rating mark after the Congress by scoring 6 out of 7. GM Shabalov's only loss came in the head-to-head matchup with Mika.

Jeff Stansberry to cover the 2016 World Chess Championships

Jeff Stansberry from Westerville Ohio has agreed to cover, on behalf of the Ohio Chess Association, the 2016 World Chess Championship Match between reigning World Champion Magnus Carlson (2853) from Norway and Sergey Karjakin (2772) from Russia. This year's World Chess Championships are in New York City from November 11-30, 2016. Upon his return Jeff will submit a full article on his experience, along with photos and video coverage.

Upcoming Ohio Open Tournaments

2016 Kings Island Open

November 11-13, Embassy Suites Blue Ash, Ohio

2017 Cardinal Open

An OCA Event

January 27-29, 2017 Hilton Garden Inn - Mayfield Ohio

Ohio Game Spotlight

2016 Ohio Chess Congress

Round 2 - 2016 Ohio Chess Congress

Mika Brattain (2483) - GM Alex Shabalov (2671)



Congratulations to

Solon High School Chess Team !

      The Solon high school chess team has now won 3 consecutive Ohio state chess championships in a roll “3 Peat”, and 4 out of the last 5. Over the weekend in Wilmington Ohio, the following students; Alex Barto, Zach Barto, Jasen Lai, Alan Liu, Joel Jaffe, Daniel Guo, Ian Golias, Malcolm Golias Neel Mehta, Roger Poduska, & John Xiang represented the high school chess team in the 2016 Ohio State High School Chess Championships Alan Liu and Joel Jaffe individually finished in 2nd & 3rd place respectfully scoring 5 out of 6 points each while Danial Guo finished in 4th place with a score of 4.5 points allowing Solon to capture 3 of the top 4 individual spots. Ian Golias and Jasen Lai each received trophies for their outstanding performances by scoring 4 points. The accomplishments of the HS chess team makes them one of, if not the best scholastic chess teams(s)in Ohio history. Over the last 6 years students the Solon high 2016 graduating class have won 8 individual Ohio State Championships, 10 Ohio team state championships, and finished in the top 3 or top 5 as a team three times in national competition. They are the best chess players in one school graduating class in northeast Ohio.

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