64th Ohio Chess Congress

With five wins and one loss, IM Calvin Blocker was crowned the 64th Ohio Chess Champion at the Ohio Chess Congress. 130 players competed in four sections which took place over Labor Day weekend in Columbus at the newly renovated Holiday Inn City Center.


It would take a research trip to the White Collection at the Cleveland Public Library to figure how many times Calvin has won the Ohio Championship title. By Calvin?s own recollection the number is well into the teens. Calvin?s one loss was to tournament winner Mark Heimann of Pittsburg. Heimann is ineligible for the title of Ohio Champion since he doesn?t reside in Ohio. Heimann finished undefeated with five wins and one draw. His one draw was against new Ohio resident IM Tim Taylor. Taylor?s only loss was to Blocker in the last round. Heimann?s twin brother, Alex, finished in third place with four wins, one loss, and a draw.


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Chess Events

Thu Dec 18 @ 6:00PM -
Buckeye Chess Club
Fri Dec 19 @ 6:00PM -
Buckeye Chess Club
Sat Dec 20 @ 9:00AM -
Cincy Tornado - Five Days Til Christmas
Sat Dec 27 @ 9:00AM -
Two Days After Pawn Storm XVIII
Sat Dec 27 @10:00AM - 06:00PM
Mustard Seed Holiday Monster
Sun Dec 28 @10:00AM - 05:00PM
North Market Swiss
Sat Jan 10 @ 8:30AM - 05:00PM
Brain Freeze - Reynoldsburg
Sun Jan 11 @10:00AM - 05:00PM
North Market Swiss
Sat Jan 17 @10:00AM -
Winter Storm Watch Pawn Storm XXVIII

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