Motion to amend Article VI Section 7 to the following: Add the following language in bold


A Trustee position shall be vacated if the Incumbent dies; resigns; moves from that district to a county outside Ohio; or is recalled by a majority vote of the OCA members residing in that District, voting by mail ballot or electronically. A Trustee shall be considered to have resigned when he has missed three consecutive email discussions/votes or when he has missed three consecutive meetings which have been called at least 14 days in advance, and the Trustees by majority vote consider the seat vacant. The resignation shall be effective with the passing of the Trustee vote declaring the seat vacant. A called meeting includes meetings without a quorum, as well as official meetings.


Please contact your Trustee within the next 2 weeks if you have an opinion on this proposed amendment.

2017 Pan-Am Intercollegiate Chess Championships to be held in Columbus

The event will be held December 27-30, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency / Greater Columbus Convention Center.The Pan-Ams are the National Championships of College chess and are always held late December. This past year they were held in New Orleans and had 60 teams with a good portion of the contestants being titled players. This is one of the strongest team tournaments held in the country.

Upcoming Ohio Open Tournaments

2017 Dayton Masters Chess Festival

July 18-22, 2017

To watch Games live please click here: www.daytonchesslive.com



2017 Cleveland Open

Crown Plaza Cleveland Airport

Aug 11-13, 2017

Ohio Game Spotlight

2017 Gem City Open

Round 5 - 2017 Gem City Open

Mark Kellie - Roger Blaine


Mark Kellie pulled off a nice attack against Roger Blaine in the 5th round of the U1800 section in the Gem City Open.


Upcoming Scholastic State Championship Tournaments




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The purpose of our association is to foster the study and pursuit of the game of chess by conducting tournaments for players, sponsoring teams to represent the state of Ohio in interstate and international play, promote chess organizations in the state of Ohio, and the overall general promotion of chess.